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The Scala event in France!

Workshops / Spree, November 3rd and Conference, November 4th - Paris
Olivier Nouguier - Ledger
Olivier Nouguier
Scala addict, JVM, js && SN Akka && ZIO fan boy - crypto newbie Father
ZIO Streaming connector for Pravega
Talk (45 minutes) | All
My favorite approach to a new framework, is to try to contribute to it ! Then I learn quickly the level of maturity of code and documentation, and more importantly the welcoming of the community and maintainers. ZIO was not an exception, and clearly, is was a very instructive journey (and still it is). [zio-pravega]( allowed me to understand how ZIO Streaming compares to Akka Stream. [pravega]( was chosen because I've already write the [alpakka connector]( This connector illustrate the power a ZIO resources management, error handling and retry policies to implements transactional stream writes and concurrent consistent optimistic write a Key Value Table in a (few) snap of the fingers. I will present quickly ZIO and ZStream, and then how easy it is to extends to your needs.