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The Scala event in France!

Workshops / Spree, November 3rd and Conference, November 4th - Paris
Guillaume Martres -
Guillaume Martres
Freshly graduated from a PhD at EPFL where I worked on the [Scala 3 compiler](, currently looking for a job.
Secrets of the Scala Type System
Talk (45 minutes) | Intermediate
In this talk I will describe in details and with examples several aspects of the Scala type system that are not common knowledge, like how member selection works in general and how type members and type parameters are related. While I will primarily be talking about the behavior of Scala 3, I will point out some of the key differences with Scala 2 along the way. Afterwards, you should find it easier to understand the behavior and error messages of the compiler, and API design should become a little bit easier. This talk will be based both on my experience working on the Scala 3 compiler as well as my PhD thesis, where I formalized a subset of Scala in details. But you won't need advanced knowledge of Scala to be able to understand it.