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The Scala and FPL friendly event in Paris!

October 24th and 25th, 2013. Paris, France

Scala design patterns

If you have been learning the basics of Scala development and you find yourself looking for a good way to level up your skills but all those blogs about monads, functors, iteratees, etc. are way too academic for you, then this talk is for you!

I will show you a collection of common, real-world, intermediate-level Scala design patterns and useful tricks that I’ve learned from 4 years of writing applications, making mistakes, and reading lots of Scala source code written by (even) more experienced Scala developers.

I will be talking about type classes, why they are so useful and when and how to write your own. I will also discuss context bounds, class and type tags, type aliases, implicit resolution order, abstract types vs type parameters, how and why to use Akka extensions, and much more. Of course I will be backing this up with lots of real-world code examples.

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Event type: Long session (42 minutes)


Location: Room 1

Date / Time: Thursday 17:15 - 18:15

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Age Mooij